Internal cleaning of tanks

Road tanks, silo tanks, vacuum tanks

  • 7 chemical bays equipped with 2, 3 or 4 cleaning heads linked to high pressure pumps from 80 to 200 bars. The mechanical effect plus high performance cleaning additives means that we can guarantee your tank will not be out of action for a very long time.
  • A cleaning of all your accessories by using a high pressure cleaner and a drain auger.
  • A meticulous drying of your tank for a check of your equipment performed jointly by our staff and your driver or representative.
  • 10,000 trademarks of chemical products referenced in our computer system allowing us to perform an appropriate cleaning procedure which guarantees the safety of our staff and your equipments.
  • Opening hours : from Monday to Friday - 6 am to 8 pm continuously.
  • The APLICA / EFTCO cleaning certificate issued once the internal cleaning is performed enables you to reload in all chemical factories in Europe.

Nettoyage intérieur de citernes


Tanks or tank containers on chassis, with tractor or not


In order to give you more flexibility in managing your fleet we offer you the possibility of picking up your tanks on our site before we perform the internal cleaning. Yours tanks will then be handled by our staff thanks to our two own fleet tractors.

A 24 hours access is available to our site.


Chemistry of Sulphur workshop

Our T.S.N SDV site in Sandouville is specialised in the internal cleaning of tank containers or road tanks which have previously carried sulphurated compounds stemming from chemistry of Sulphur products such as Mercaptan.


Parking for trucks

  • 3 hectares surface.
  • Rental of 100 parking spaces for your tanks.
  • The rental contract for these spaces includes a 24 hours access to our site by using a personal code.


Destruction of packagings

Destruction d'emballages

T.S.N SDV, an offer in services dedicated to eliminate and recycle your chemical product packagings in terms of material or energy:drums, barrels, pots, plastic or metal containers of all sizes that have contained paint, glue, varnish, solvents, oils, resins and any other chemical product.

T.S.N SDV being subjected to prefectorial authorization guarantees you traceability and abides by regulations in force for monitoring your packaging destruction treatment:

  • Prior Acceptance Certificate (CAP) including the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/FDS) of the product contained in the packaging (PDF to download).
  • ndustrial Waste Monitoring Note (BSDI) established upstream by the producer.
  • Material or energy recycling.


Internal cleaning of tank containers or swap bodies with handlings

Nettoyage intérieur de Conteneurs citernes, IBC déposés

T.S.N 2 is specialised in the cleaning of tank containers or swap bodies with handlings (lift on/lift off).

Tank containers are picked up by PMS Citernes, the T.S.N partner:

  • By road.
  • By rail (T.S.N 2 is served by a branch line).

Cleaning bay technical features:

  • 4 high pressure cleaning bays.
  • 1 very high pressure bay for specific substances (e.g.latex, resin, aso.).
  • 4 depressurization bays linked to a cleaning tower allowing trapping gases and malodorous products.

We are also equipped to work on your TOP tank containers (without bottom valve) - with or without bolted covers - taking the greatest care with the specific inner coatings of the tanks when necessary.

The APLICA / EFTCO internal cleaning certificate issued once the service is performed means you can reload in all chemical factories in Europe.


Repairs and proof-tests

Réparations & tests périodiques

T.S.N and CMI / PMS propose In-Service:

  • Repairs after small damages.
  • Proof-tests in your tank containers.


Tank containers storage

4 hectares storage area available for your tank containers.

The entry or exit and storage of the empty tank containers are managed by our partner PMS Citernes.

Stockage de conteneurs citernes




Our teams include Transport Commissioners and a Safety Consultant in charge of organising the road transport of your tank containers between the Port of Le Havre or the harbour Terminals and our depot.




Due to their high viscosity, some chemical substances require heating prior to delivery.

T.S.N 2 is equipped with several bays dedicated to heating and offering three types of processes:

  • Steam.
  • Hot water.
  • Electrical power supplied if your equipment is autonomous.

Operating 24 hours a day - Load for delivery from 7 am.

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